Whoa... it's been a while.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Truth be told, I've been back a week. I had a great time, but I am tired of people I don't know asking about my trip and wanting to see photos and being kind of, well, pushy so out of resentment I'm going to skip the trip talk for now.

What's concerning me now is this: small apartment + girl trying to start new business + yarn +boyfriend = not much room for an office.

The obvious answer is to get a bigger apartment. And we will, but not til at least May. And even then, it won't be a huge jump or anything. (I am not-so-secretly hoping we will find a 2-bedroom with dishwasher. HAHA, good luck!) We can't afford to buy a bunch of new stuff (see: yarn) and Mark doesn't have time to rearrange the whole apartment with me, so it's just me. Which can be good. But right now it's just frustrating. Here are some of the main issues:

1. There is no "room" for an office of any kind, much less a studio. I have two desks, one of which is not really useful for this kind of stuff but it has sentimental value. I have a feeling this desk will go to Salvation Army, but only when Mark is there, holding my hand while I sob. *grin*

2. The desk must go in the bedroom. It just can't be any other way that I can see, without majorly moving some furniture. That also leaves Mark the living room to surf the net and read. (I will miss the couch though. We have become knitting buddies, me and the couch.) However, I have a sturdy sit-up pillow and a feathertop mattress so I can knit on this when the feeling moves me.

3. Our bedroom is cramped, to say the least. It doesn't help that it has three doors leading into it and two big windows. I need wallspace to put in shelves, but the only fully open wall is where the bed is. (or right next to the bed. Also nixed.) mark has a desk too, but I'm not moving it as that motha' weighs about 1000 pounds.

4. I have a lot of ugly plastic storage containers, and two pretty FANGST organizers from IKEA. There are no ceiling hooks in the bedroom, so Mark will have to install one for me if I want them next to the desk. He will not be keen on this idea, I don't think. (Neither am I. The ceiling looks rickety, and the FANGST holds a motherlode of yarn).

Clearly, a few things will have to happen. FANGST will hang in the closet, which will be next to the desk, or remaining in the living room where it currently resides. The bed will have to move against one wall or the other, to prevent me from going insane planning around it. Beds are for love and sleepytimes, not for the tearing out of hair or crying or throwing things in a fuss. So let's just move it!

All of the art supplies overflowing will go into the containers emptied by yarn going into the FANGST. Poor Mark; I will catalog them lovingly to give them some chance of being found again.

.... now to work...!

Oh. The vacuum cleaner only spews dust. Isn't that just sad? :\ I'll post before and afters if I get it finished today, kids!


bradyphrenia said...

i hope your trip was relaxing and fun. if you have to make another ikea trip, i'm sure it won't be the end of the world...i love that place. think cubic!