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Thursday, August 09, 2007

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When I popped into Angel Hair on Monday evening to SnB (I like to spread myself around ;) and to see Charisse, I bought a copy of the Fall Interweave Knits. I had looked through the preview, and while it was nice, nothing screamed "Do me now!" (Well, that sounded bad. You know what I mean, right?!) But when flipping through the real thing, several things jumped out at me as needing to be added to my fall sweater closet immediately!

The Minimalist Cardigan, with its clean lines and nubbly texture, made me think of something you'd wear while tending the garden in a Buddhist monastery. (Please allow my imagination this flight of fancy.) You'd be raking over the soil, perspiring lightly in the cool early evening air. You stand up, weight resting on the rake, and squint against the intense orange sun of the fading day.) You can see why it appealed to me. Or maybe you think I have a problem. Either way, I'm up to the bustline now and about to split it to knit the fronts and back. Since the sleeves are cropped, I'm thinking this little cardigan will go quickly. And the yarn? Silkroad Aran, as usual. I bought it while in Myrtle Beach, SC back in the spring, at half off. I always buy some when I find it on sale, because it is my standby yarn for any sweater which must be both wearable and attractive. (The color is Venetian, a dark plummy brown. Much more monkish than cherry red!)

My next project (big sweater project, that is) will also be from this issue of Interweave, and probably the one after that too, though I ordered yarn for this one. I know, I said I wouldn't, but I've been really good and the Malabrigo was on sale, and in an INCREDIBLE orange-y gold that is also very Buddhist.

I'm a member over at Stashalong and the August challenge is to use use single balls that have been marinating for a while. I didn't think I had many... but look what I found while digging out all of that luscious Silkroad:

Single balls for August Stashalong challenge
Obviously I have my work cut out for me! Good thing I need to get started on birthday gifts/Xmas/going away/baby and so on. No idea if I'll get these all knitted, but I hope so. None of them is so objectionable that it deserves to be abandoned this way!


Amanda said...

Wow, I love that cardigan!

Thanks for the kind words regarding my pattern in Magknits!