I've been away.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

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Not really, I just haven't had access to a camera and I find posts without pictures to be sort of... dull.

I'd like to introduce you to Otta Owl. She'll be going to live with my niece for her third birthday, accompanied by a copy of Owl Babies. Isn't she cute, with her fetching scarf? The pattern is from And So To Bed by Lucinda Guy. (Note that I didn't buy my copy from Laughing Hens, but they're a great resource for seeing all the pattern pictures and requirements!) Otta was fun to knit, but a pain in the ass to seam and complete. The pattern called for 14 separate pieces, which seemed excessive to me so I knit everything in the round except her wings (which I seamed with fabric):


I thought it gave Otta a charmingly handmade look, and I got to work on my sewing ever so slightly. (Newsflash: it still sucks! *grin*)

Here's a shot of her round little body from the back, showcasing her cute tail:


I like her, but I won't be making another one. If you decide to make an Otto or Otta for yourself, I would suggest the following: knit the body in the round, along with her ears. Sew on felt or fabric eyes, rather than do the annoying colorwork. Sew a flat fabric bottom with perhaps a beanbag or something in the bottom. This otta is more like a pillow than a stuffie!

I've been rolling right along on the Christmas gifts, having finished a broken rib scarf (which I didn't bother photographing, it's very plain.) out of stash, and cast on for a stole/washcloth out of some Great Adirondack Handspun Cotton:


Yep, the color is really that bright. I say stole/washcloth because I'm doubting as to whether or not the ball of yarn I have will complete a full stole. It may end up a scarf. Who knows? The color is absolutely perfect for the recipient, so I know she'll love it regardless of what it becomes!