Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mark moved in with me last night, how exciting! The apartment's a mess, of course, but hopefully we'll be able to get most of it squared away. I definitely want to make sure it's our apartment, not just mine, so I'm sure we'll be moving some things around. I also ordered two books from (THE place for used books for cheap!) abou decorating small spaces/apartments; maybe that will give us some ideas.

One other exciting thing is that I listed some graphic novels I had collecting dust on ebay (Blade of the Immortal volumes 2-4 and 7-10 if you're curious) and another ebayer helped me figure out that they're almost all first editions! Maybe now I'll make enough for the whole enterprise to be worth it.

I also listed some Noro Silk Garden, and I'll be adding other things when these sell. I've got a lot of little amounts of things, and while one-skein-wonders are cute, I don't want to make anymore of them!!