WIP update

Monday, September 26, 2005

I gotta finish some WIPs at this point, since my size 7 circular is in use in Mark's sweater, and it's just the one I need for a shop model in Fiesta Yarns' La Luz Multi (am I lucky or what??) I got 1.5 pattern repeats done on the second Happy Valley sock, but since I am having to knit on it when I get time here and there, it won't be done til this weekend I'll wager. But then I can wear them! YAY!

I think the corkscrew scarf will be put on hold as a christmas present, as it's also on the 7 circular. How embarassing... ;; I keep taking the needles off the cord (it's a Denise, of course) and leaving the project on the cord so I can start a new one. So I have two projects on the same needles, just moving the needles from cord to cord. Ugh.

As for Mark's sweater, I haven't gotten past the ribbing but I found the pattern again. I guess I should work on this over the socks, but I'm sooo close on the socks and this has miles to go before it sleeps and is worn. :)

We found a perfect apartment; cross your needles that we will be able to get it in November!!