WIP guilt list

Thursday, September 22, 2005

There's been a slew of people going through their WIPs and trying to finish them or frog them, just to clear the air a bit. And while my WIP pile is fairly small (not including school stuff) I still think I'd rather work on one or two things at a time, rather than a bunch. So I just thought I'd post the progress of each WIP, then spend 30 minutes a day working on whichever one appeals to me at that time (no "slogging through" a single one, in other words).

1.) Happy Valley Socks I actually enjoy working on these, but they're the first things I've ever knit on such small needles (sz 1) and it's taking a long time. My attention span is usually about three weeks, and these've gone beyond that so I've lost some interest. What was very smart of me though was to cast on a knit the picot cuff immediately after finishing the first sock. I hate picot, it's a pain, and I probably never would've gotten around to it. Now I'm working on the second sock, and got about 1.5 more lace repeats (about 15 rows) done today on it. I still have a ways to go, but the end's in sight.

2.) Corkscrew Scarf I'm making this out of Berroco Quest, and while it's fun to look at and the yarn feels good (shocking for Berroco!), it is BORING. And SLOW. Thusly I will probably lay this aside except for during long lectures, movies, or the dentist's. It is just so boring. Can I say that one more time? Boring to knit, even with the short rows...

3.) Saranac for Mark The pattern has not become a 'problem' yet, just because I've only knit the 2" of ribbing on the bottom. I'm sure when I get to the armpit I will never want to see ribs again ever. At least I don't have to seam anything but the zipper. I do think that I have to pick up stitches for the collar, and we all know how I feel about that. Looks like David will be doing that part, that is, if Mark ever wants his sweater before it's summer....

Oh, that wasn't too bad. I guess it's all the planned projects floating around in there that makes it seem like so much. It doesn't help that I got some gorgeous new laceweight (picture forthcoming) and the library emailed me to tell me my copy of Gossamer Webs is in. UH OH!