Oh lordy, christmas knitting.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

So, I decided on some Xmas knitting for the fam and friends, and I won't really be able to start til the show's over in November, but I thought I'd post here anyway (just to remind myself if nothing else!)

A simple 2x2 ribbed scarf in Trance Kidsilk Haze for Mark's not-so-much-younger sister Liz (I started this today in class. It's turning out beautifully but I'm thinking of doing some experimentation with random cables interspersed. What do you think?)

A cabled changepurse for his younger sister to match the pretty striped handspun bag I sent her when we started dating. I've been buying handspun like mad from a seller on ebay that I love, and I got some pretty pastels to make this bag with. It will be small, so probably a quick knit. I'm thinking a shell or imitation bone/horn closure?

The Saranac sweater for Mark (his birthday is early December, and I'd like to give him his sweater before that!) in a nice olive Alpaca. I'm about 1 inch through the ribbing right now.

I'd really like to make some mittens or fingerless gloves for mark's brother's girlfriend Anna (what a mouthful!) in Fiesta Yarns' Australia colorway, since she's from Australia. I even thought about knitting them in wool, then putting some simple intarsia with the same colorway in a different yarn from them, like a boucle. I can't see her wearing fun fur type stuff, and I hate knitting with it! I'll have to save my pennies to afford this yarn though.

A felted laptop bag out of Big Wool for Mark's actual christmas present.

Hmmm, on his mother's side that leaves his brother and his mom. I knitted her a scarf already and her pretty curly hair wouldn't go under any hat, and it isn't cold there at that time! Maybe a cotton lace cuff with a ribbon lacing it shut? That would be pretty, and she's very fashionable. It would also be a quick knit! As for his older brother, maybe a cabled hat that matches Mark's in a different color, like blue?? Not sure on this one.

Then there's his father's family. Oh Lord, you see why I'm starting now?! Maybe some Hyperbolic Plane christmas ornaments for his two younger brothers (boys like funny shapes, right?!). No idea on his father, as I've never met him, only seen pictures. No socks though... I only knit socks for me, Mark, and my mother. :P They take forever! For his stepmother, don't ask why, but I just thought a knit lumbar pillow for a desk chair would be cool. Or is that lame? Maybe I'll knit some cool dishcloths and be done with it.

For my family...! My sister and brother-in-law will get purchased gifts. They are too hard to please and not crafty at all. My sis does b&w photography so a book of photographs is a possibility. My brother in law deals with cars and plays golf. I really hope he has picked up some new hobby because I don't think I could bring myself to buy a golf gift! My niece and nephew are more fun, I can knit them stuffed animals. Perhaps a seal for my niece, but what about my nephew? He is all into cars but I don't give traditionally 'boy' or 'girl' baby gifts. A turtle, or how about a polar bear? We'll see.

As for my mom, I'd like to knit her a pair of socks. I don't know that that's realistic though, so perhaps I can finish some of her UFOs as a gift!! And my dad? Well, I know what he's getting from my mom for Xmas (it's a really good gift!) so I'll knit a matching cushion or something!!

WHOA that list is long. Guess I'd better get started!