Chattanooga souvenir yarn

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This is a bit late in posting, but we visited Chattanooga this past Saturday on a lark. Mostly we laid out in the park there near the water and it was perfectly cool and delicious. We also did a bit of shopping...!

In a small shop selling everything from tea pots to postcards to wind chimes, I found a small display of beads, including the lavender pearls you see at left. I only had a little money with me, so I bought a dozen, knowing I wanted to knit something with them but wasn't sure what! Later that day we visited Genuine Purl, a really nice yarn shop on North Market. They were exploding with yarn, especially new Rowan, Diakeito, and handpaints galore. I had to buy some souvenir yarn, of course and I fondled lots before I settled on this little Japanese laceweight (you can just see the edge in the photo). I am pretty sure it's angora/silk/wool, but as the label's entirely in Japanese I'm not sure. Score, it matched the lavender pearls SO nicely!

Now to find the perfect pattern.... ironically, I found it at work (Threaded Bliss Yarns, come see me!!) It's a Fiber Trends pattern, called the Cocoon Lace Wrap and is sooo perfect! It even has six little points on each end, good for the dozen pearls I have.

I want to work on it NOW, but instead I'm putting it all in a bag together to be my vacation knitting. Now, of course, I'm debating whether or not I should spend $21 to get two balls of Kidsilk Haze in Smoke to carry along with the lace... since it's pretty fine, but not the least bit fuzzy. I like fuzz!