Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I am on some kind of Lorna's binge right now. It is so sick! I didn't buy any more, but I want to. So, to make myself feel an eensy smidgen better, I thought I'd make a list of all the colors I plan to buy in the sometime future. (Note that the Happy Valley socks are decidely unhappy right now. Still stuck on heel two. Ugh!) At the moment I'm mostly into socks, but I wouldn't say no to some worsted. Imagine THOSE socks! :) Did I tell you I plan to make every pair of socks in the Folk Socks book? No? Well, it's my New Years resolution, except it will start on vacation.

Nearly solid:

two skeins Pewter (I LOVE this color. It's the next purchase... when I actually have money anyway.)
two skeins Carrot
two skeins Douglas Fir
two skeins Blackberry
two skeins Lilac
one skein each of Chocolate, Denim, and Cranberry for fair isle socks


two skeins Springer (just purchased, one down!)
two skeins Georgetown (love this color...)
four skeins Baltic Sea (a pair for me, a pair for him.)
Two skeins Bee Stripe. I love Bees.
Two skeins Lucky Stripe. I love pink and orange together!
Two skeins Desert Flower
Two skeins Gold Hill
Two skeins Mineshaft (for him)
One skein each in Lakeview, Seaside, and Pioneer.

T told you it's a sickness, okay? At least you know what to get me for every holiday for the next three years... maybe I'll cross these off as I get them too, that'd be fun. I also thought I might buy two skeins a month, or as a treat for finishing a pair of socks in the previous month's LL, whichever happens first. A massive stash of LL is not a bad thing. Just ask Annawolfsong on Knitter's Review, who is selling more LL than most LYSs! (I bought what she had of colors I wanted. Of course.)

Based on some small calculations on my handy mathemetizermajiggy, it'll only cost me... oh... $315. That's a lot. But not as much as I thought it would be, oddly. And HEY!!! I just found two unused skeins of LL sock in Motherlode! How timely is that? Now if I can finish my HV socks, I can cast on for the Motherlode ones for next month! Rock on. :)

(Yes, I am working on Saranac here and there. HV socks do get slight priority since they're almost done.)