sorry 'bout that.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Hey, just wanted to say sorry for the super negative posts the last couple days. I am feeling much better after my first day at work at the LYS!!! I did really well I think, enjoyed it, even though I totally screwed up the in-store model I am trying desperately to make. After thinking I finally had it cast on, I get home, get through one repeat of a lace pattern I've ALREADY DONE, RECENTLY, and think "Hey, this looks a bit wonky." Well, I count a couple times and I have 3 extra stitches. And somehow my marker's wandered. *sigh*

Tonight I will have a picture of the cast on and CORRECTLY DONE lace repeat. Scout's honor!

Also a picture of my secret pal's gift, which has become that secret bar of dark chocolate hidden in the freezer for when you are about to start screaming if you don't have some mindless knitting right this second!!!