ARHG! I hate that!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I resisted shopping temptation by transferring all my paypal money to my bank account. That'll tie it up for a few days til the urge passes.

I thought that I would have some progress to show you by now; I finished the first chocolate-cherry-colored Fleece Artist sock, and was THROUGH THE HEEL on the second one before I realized that I had cast on 72 st rather than 64 st. No wonder it was taking so long! *sigh* So, back to square one on sock two.

I have gotten a bit done on the first sweater for the booklet, am now into the hips, though it's not nearly over yet. There's the rest of the body, the sleeves, and all that edging... it'll be a while longer! I also wound my Alchemy Haiku, and am resisting ordering two more skeins ($$!) to make Icarus. I know it would be beautiful, but I just can't swing $40 right now.


meg said...

Glad you liked what I sent! I visited Portland, OR..I live in Michigan....Threadbear is now in Lansing , Mi and is about a three hour drive for me. It is a great place will have to get there sometime! So you are moving to Portland??