Icarus shawl info

Monday, August 14, 2006

If you're planning on knitting the Icarus shawl with Alchemy Haiku, like the Yarn Harlot, note that you will three skeins, not two. This is heartbreaking for me, as I bought one, and was planning on ordering another from Knit/Purl. Sadly, according to YH's reader Lori Gayle:

I'm one of the Interweave Knits technical editors, and according to my notes the original Icarus shawl shown in the photos weighs 90 grams. The Suri alpaca used has 800 meters in 100 grams, so a shawl worked exactly according to the directions will require about 720 meters.

A skein of Alchemy Haiku has 325 yards per 25 grams. On the upside, you will have enough left to either make the shawl a little bigger (which you may want to do) or knit a scarf or something. :)

Also: I am trying to whittle down my WIPs (now I've counted to 10, I think) by finishing things one at a time. It's painful, so now I'm doing two at a time. :P The Wool Peddler's Shawl in Rowan Cashsoft 4ply is nearly done, lacking about 22 rows and a blocking. I'm thinking my current ball will run out (it's ball no. 3) but I have 4 more waiting so I think I'm okay. I'm just over it, over the lace pattern, glad it's easy to remember but isn't it done yet?!


bradyphrenia said...

maybe august is the unspoken month of catching up on unfinished projects. end of season guilt, perhaps?

good luck with your WIPs!