ugh, temptation...

Friday, August 11, 2006

I was looking around online during a knitting break (knitting 8 hours or more a day will do that to you) and of course, ended up looking at Blue Moon Fiber Arts' homepage. I love their Farmhouse sock yarn, it gives me a true yarngasm. But I have about $50 to my name right now, and cannot buy ANYTHING. (And don't need to. I have yarn! Lots of it!) But then I remembered my BMFA Silk Thread. I felt sure it had only been wound once, when I purchased it. I wind all my balls a second time, to make sure the yarn isn't stretched (which can affect your gauge, after it relaxes.) So to make myself feel better, I rewound my silk. Now, I have no willpower. I am overcome with the need to see a knitted swatch. But I have yet to find a pattern that suits its beauty, that isn't boring but allows the color to really shine. Obviously knit on a fairly small needle, as bright colors tend to look faded when stretched out too much. What do you think? Have you got any ideas for me??