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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My kingdom for a darning needle! Like sock needles, darning needles disappear at an alarming rate around here. I've tried buying a bunch at once, but whether I have 1 or 10, they all seem to vanish at roughly the same time. (it's about 1-2 months). It wouldn't be that big of a deal, but I have at least 4 projects that are done except for seaming or end weaving. While it would make sense to just go buy one, it's at least an hour trip, while there are other projects waiting to be knit on. I'm working at the Knaughty Knitter on Thursday, I THINK I can wait that long. (It is painful though..!)

I finished my wool peddler's shawl last night and blocked it, but as it needs seams woven in, it won't make a debut til the weekend (sigh). Also waiting for ends or seaming: Iris from Rowan 35, Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk hat, and a Koigu shawl for my grandma.

Still OTN: Jojoland socks (I finished the heel, but the toe was too short and had to rip it out. sigh), Schaefer Anne socks (got the heel turned and about halfway down the foot on the first sock), Fleece Artist socks, Trekking socks, sweater out of Silk Road Ultra, sweater for book, Thinking Dress from Miss Bea's Rainy Day for niece (front completed, I lost the needles on which it was knit though), a baby blanket that will be ripped out today, and Pam from Rowan 35. So including seaming and darning projects... that's 13 WIPs! How did it get this bad??

Anyway, I think I'll work on the sweater for the book, since it's fairly fast. I'd like to get that darning needle though, that'd knock my WIPs down to 9... in one day! Maybe I should allow myself...


Anonymous said...

Hello! I, too, LOVE the Blue Moon Farmhouse color. I am still here..just have been on vacation and then home a few days and then another vacation. You will be receieving your final package sometime next week!! Where do you buy the jojoland yarn? I have never seen it in person.

Brittany said...

On the subject of darning needles, I used to have the same problem before I invested in a chibi. Now the darning needles are together in a fairly obvious package, which I put away after I use.