Tuesday, August 29, 2006

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That is how I feel about my new socks. Isn't the color to die for? When I got the package, I wasn't totally convinced, especially since the seller had goofed and sent a darker dye lot than the one she had pictured. But now that it's knit up? Positively yarngasmic. Let's hope the Socks that Rock that arrived yesterday (from a swap, I'm still not buying!) will be just as lovely.

I'm also working away on my cardigan. I'm proud to say I finished the body, including the PITA picot edging, and have gotten halfway down the first sleeve (which also needs picot, but we won't go there now.) After that is the other sleeve, the collar, and the edging for the front. I think I'm going to leave a small hole on either side of the fronts so a vintage-y clasp can be slipped in to hold it closed with style. Then it will frame my woman-bits in a lovely way, something I know I always appreciate!

I also sent an email to a woman seeking a test knitter. She can't pay $$ (sad), but she does have an online store and is offering a nice gift certificate in exchange. And, once I saw she sells handpainted silk, I was sold! (I am really in a silk mode for some reason lately.)

I'm busying myself with this cardi, as it's getting cooler now (read: not muggy and disgusting) so my thoughts have returned to my Pam sweater. All those cables.. mmm.... at one time they seemed overwhelming, but now they seem so enticing!


cecily said...

That sock looks awesome! :D

Sourire11 said...

Cute sock!

Thanks for the letter and all of the wonderful SP goodness!!!! I don't think I ever would have made the jump and started sock-knitting without you! You were a great SP8!

Nyxxie said...

Love the socks and I cannot wait to knit up mine. Do you happen to know what the colorway is called mine didn't have a name on it?