sock yarn stash

Saturday, August 12, 2006

sock yarn stash
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So I followed The Knotty Gnome's example and counted all my sock yarn. I thought I had more, actually! There're two skeins coming from a swap (one Socks that Rock, and one CTH Supersock) and that's it! Including half-knit socks, I have enough for 15 pairs. That's pretty close to where I'd like to stay - around 8-10 pairs worth? I never know what sort of sock I feel like knitting, so I don't mind having a stash of that sort of thing!

Anyway, normally I'm only knitting one pair at a time (they get done faster that way, who knew? ;) but the socks on the bottom (Jojoland fingering) are missing their mate somewhere, and I need it to make sure the length matches, so it languishes, for want of a few rows! The top left (the black blob) is Schaefer Anne, a sock I started for my dad and then in the sudden move, it disappeared! I found it again last night and started the heel flap. The middle one, the purple Trekking, I started as my "new" sock, but I hate knitting Trekking. I have to watch what I'm doing, as the stitches love to leap off my metal needles (and I dislike bamboo for socks). So these just get a few rows when I'm in a thinkin' mood. And the newest sock, on the right, is my Fleece Artist in Vintage. I was a little afraid to break into this, truth be told, as it's my last Fleece Artist for a long time (*sob*) but I needed its pretty colors and softness.

That concludes the sock portion of our tour. Note that there is no Lorna's in there; I'm waiting til I find a LYS that carries it before I buy more. Whenever I buy it over the internet, I seem to get disappointed by the colors.


bradyphrenia said...

wow, that really doesn't look like very much sock yarn. now i'm starting to think that i am underestimating my sock yarn tally. *pained face*

your stash is so purty though. i'm sure you will have lots of beautiful finished socks in no and your "work on one pair til it's finished" ethic. *shakes head*

Nyxxie said...

Wow working on a pair until it is finished!!! Now that is something to think about. I counted the other night and I have at least 10-12 socks on the needles right now that need to be finished!!!

Haus of Yarn carries LL sock yarn by the way!