dr pepper berries and cream

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I can't decide how I feel about it. On the one hand, the commercials annoy the crap out of me, with their constant use of "berries" and "cream". I can read the bloody can, ok? And soda is not "rich" so don't describe it as such. On the other hand, it DOES taste like it has the two aforementioned ingredients in it, tastes pretty darn good, and is.. well.. different. I hated coke with lemon (A LOT, pine sol anyone?) and lime (not as bad, but still gross). Some fruit flavors should never be combined. But berry and coke... both are dark and sorta sweet, so why not? And I like cream soda. I guess I'll drink it til it runs out and switch back to water :P

Anyway, I still have the reviews for the other yarn shops to write up. Sorry I haven't gotten to it yet! The two I haven't mentioned so far that I've really loved were Abundant Yarn (the cafe is good, the yarn selection also good) and Lint, which is in sort of a scary neighborhood at night, what with all the construction and not lots of people walking around, but the proprietess was so nice, and their selection of Brown Sheep, Rowan, Debbie Bliss, and Lorna's was so large that I have to love them. (Just search for Knitted Barbecue to find them. Check out those deviled eggs!)

I've decided to write my own knitting book and self-publish. Or, more accurately, two of them. One is different, and I haven't found ANY books on the subject yet, which means it's either untapped or a horrible idea. But I think it'll rock, and other people whose opinions (and silence) I trust agree with me. The other is a book of patterns I've designed for my mom over time. Weird, I know, but moms of us college-ish kids are not old enough to want frumpy designs; they are trendy for the most part, but still want to look classy. And while you can find all sorts of patterns that are "classic" (plain) there aren't too many with interesting stitch patterns or flattering shapes. I should also mention that the sizing goes from 28" to 52", which I THINK is big enough, but if you know of a demand for smaller or larger, let me know.

What else... when I visited Portland, I met a woman who is wanting a nanny for her two boys (both well-mannered while still being young boys.) I have no idea if this will work out, but I really like the family and the city, so I may be moving there sometime soon.

Now to go work off that credit card bill... and all that wine and cheesecake..!


pomegranate said...

If you've done market research and your idea is really original, why not try to find a traditional publisher instead of self-publishing? Knitting is very hot and publishers are always interested in the next big thing, even/especially someone new.

You'd need to go to the bookstore or library and research which publishers produce knit books. Then write a book proposal (lots of info on that on the iternet), and submit it to the publishers you targeted.

Granted, you don't risk rejection by self publishing, but there's also not the same potential for reaching lots of knitters and becoming the next yarn harlot.

You can do it! Go for the big guns!

Pomegranate (from Knittyboard)