long weekend. literally!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

There is no way I'm taking pictures for such a boring post: I completed the first Fleece Artist "Vintage" sock, turned the heel on the second. I've finished the body of the cream hourglass cardigan, but there's a picot bind-off and I hate picot. I love how it looks, but HATE doing it! (Especially having to choose which row to pick up the stitches... Uuuugh! Anyway, that's stalled because I just can't do that picot any more today. But, on the good side, all it needs now is sleeves, which are knit in the round (hallelujah, SO much faster for me) and it's done! I've tried it on and am very happy with the shape it cuts, very vintage inspired, and just what I had in mind. Now to decide what sort of closure... I had thought of picot all the way up the insides with a clasp or frog closure, but the thought of that much picot is making me a little nauseous. So I thought maybe just picot on one side, with some little pearl buttons? I do love clasps though, especially if they sit right below the bustline and enhance the hourglass shape even more. I'll ask your opinions when I get the sleeves done. (did I mention there's picot on those, too?) Then I need to find a test knitter. If you find yourself absolutely dying for a project to make, and not minding my cheapness (I can only supply the yarn, and you can keep the finished piece once it's photographed) then shoot me an email and we'll talk towards the end of the month.

I'm making a surprise (to me) trip to Atlanta and won't be free again til Saturday evening. I got my SP8's final package today and LOVED it, but it deserves a proper post and so shall get one on Sat. evening or Sunday.

I am planning on going to Knitch (ATL) and Genuine Purl (Chattanooga) on my way back, so I should have more yarn shop reviews for you then. I'm thinking of putting up a little page with all my shop reviews on it, just for reference. Would that be useful to anyone?

Also, totally unrelated, but I picked up the September selection for Knit the Classics, the Time Traveler's Wife. I've not yet read it, but I'm sure I'll start next week. My co-workers from my old job at the B&N raved on and on about this book so it should be interesting, at least!